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Is Natural really Better?

The Buzz Words

There are so many buzz words in natural skincare, isn’t it… Here are some of them –
Organic – Products that were not touched by pesticides or synthetic chemicals.
Vegan – Products that don’t contain any animal byproducts.
Natural – Actually… What is exactly natural? Is there any strict definition of natural beauty products?

Naturally Defined

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it, the concept of “natural” is unregulated. Although generally, it means that that “natural” product was made without any artificial fragrance or other artificial ingredients,

Calendula flower.

 the fact is that there’s no legal definition to what’s natural and what’s not. And this is why this word is so desired, and sometimes – abused.

In reality, for example, our body deciphers Vitamin A that came from nature and the one that was made in the lab in the exact same way. There’s no distinction at all. So should a lab-produced Vitamin A called natural as well? And what if I science created new forms of molecules that make wonders to our body, would that be considered natural?

Studies have suggested that certain widely used ingredients could have a disruptive effect on our body. The more popular are known by the name of Parabens and Phthalates (Try to say that out loud :). So, of course, there is synthetically produced ingredients that can harm our body, but isn’t there completely natural ingredients that can harm our body as well? Of course there is. Venom, for example, is natural, and it’s really not recommended to make skin contact with it… But why go so far? There are many plants out there that are very poisonous, and any contact with them would cause serious health problems. Even water, the most natural resource on earth could be deadly if consumed in an excessive amount. The idea is clear.

Putting the safety question aside, going natural has one striking benefit – It’s better for the environment. As long as the source of the product is harvested responsibly, there’s no question that the environment is suffering less from the creation of these products.

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