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Fighting acne with natural ingredients?

Acne is the most common skin condition that affects a whole range of people, especially teenagers. While there are some over the counter solutions, they don’t always work, and they often make use of undesired synthetic ingredients. Can it be avoided using natural ingredients?

What causes acne?

First, let’s understand what’s the chain of reaction that causes acne. Acne is essentially a hormonal activity that increases in intensity during the teenage period. Bursting of acne is a combination of mainly three phenomena.
First, a form of bacteria that resides deep within follicles and pores. These bacteria use the sebum of our skin to grow and multiply rapidly.
Second, is an overproduction of skin sebum. It clogs the skin’s pores and is the primary nutrient of the bacteria that causes acne.
And third, a genetic sensitivity to hormones that are produced at a higher rate in adolescence or even adulthood.

How is acne usually treated?

There are some over the counter products that comprise a specific mix of ingredients. These formulas are supposed to reduce the number of bacteria that causes acne. The downside is that some ingredients are quite harsh on the skin and will often cause the skin to dry and peel. Another, more drastic solution is to get an antibiotics treatment from a specialized doctor.

Treating acne the natural way

Recently, I bumped into a story of a girl that shared her daily skincare routine. She decided to address her acute acne skin condition with a different approach. She’s an Instagram girl named Brianna Lopez, and on one of her posts, she described every little detail of her routine.

The surprise was that this routine comprised of natural ingredients only! The choice of ingredients and their application catched the eyes of her followers, and it quickly became viral all over the web. This is a link to her original post. Notice the difference between skin with the acne condition and her current skin? That’s a fantastic transformation! So, what’s her secret…

Brianna's skincare routine

First, let’s list the natural ingredients she uses on her routine and see how she uses them.
Her morning routine – She uses a 100% Jojoba oil to cleanse her face, and then wipes it with a hot cloth. Next, she prepares a mask using a mixture of raw honey, turmeric, and cinnamon. She leaves the mask on the skin for about an hour. After the mask, she uses a mix of rosehip seed oil and carrot seed oil to moisturize her skin.
Her night routine – She takes Shea butter, in its raw form and applies it on her skin until fully absorbed.

The benefits of the ingredients in Brianna's routine

Actually, her choices were pretty smart regarding the fight against acne.
Jojoba oil is known to have a similar structure to the sebum (the natural oil coming out of our skin). When applying that oil, it makes the skin reduce its sebum production, which eases the symptoms of acne.
Honey is both anti-inflammatory and naturally antibacterial. Turmeric is known to be antibacterial as well, and cinnamon is used to boost circulation and give a firmer skin complexion.
Besides that skincare treatment, she also changed her diet. She added a variety of herbal supplements to her daily intake.

Should you try it?

It’s just a fact that different persons react in different ways to certain ingredients and even mixture ratios. Same recipes and routines will have different impacts. But, as long as the primary components make sense, it’s up to you to make up your own blend and try it out.
Anyway, it is a good practice to consult your dermatologist before applying any kind of solution. They may add further guidelines that could benefit your particular condition.

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