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CBD and Skincare? Check the new trend.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, CBD is the new buzzword spreading around. Gummy bears, oils, creams, food supplements, it’s just everywhere. Interesting to see how this trend brings companies to develop new Skincare products and formulas. Is this trend here to stay?

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound that’s present in Hemp, one out of over 85 compounds known as Cannabinoids. Another more popular compound in Hemp is THC, which is known to be the one that gives the “high” feeling when being ingested or smoked. CBD, on the other hand, has no psychoactive effects but various other benefits.

What are the benefits of CBD?

Numerous studies show that applying CBD orally or topically, was found to reduce inflammation, lower pain, anxiety, treat mood disorders, insomnia, and the list goes on and on… Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it was shown that CBD has high success rates in treating acne and eczema. Seeing that long list of benefits explains why this compound became so popular, but don’t be fooled! CBD is not a cure-all solution, despite what marketers tell you…

CBD and Skincare products

It didn’t take long for the cosmetic industry to join the CBD train. The range of products in the market is vast.

As stated earlier, the base ingredient that’s being used in Skincare products is CBD oil, and make sure you don’t confuse it with Hemp oil. The latter only contains tiny amounts of cannabinoids as opposed to CBD oil, which has concentrated amounts of it. CBD oil is used in Skincare formulas as an active ingredient that treats acne, fights anti-aging and reduces wrinkles. It was also found to soothe sensitive skin and even improve eczema skin condition.

These properties paved the way to create soothing creams, eye serums for puffy eyes, CBD sleeping masks, and lip balms that keep them hydrated of an extended period.

Along the growing number of studies that give more and more evidence that CBD indeed has great holistic benefits, I see no reason why this trend is going to end. The opposite is true. Actually, I ordered my first batch of CBD oil, and I can’t wait to experiment and incorporate it to my creams and lotion formulas. I will sure keep you updated on the results!

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