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3 Skin Sins to Avoid

It’s an obvious fact that the skin is the outermost layer of our body. It’s the last barrier between our inner body organs and the outside world. 

If we think about it for a second, it’s the organ which is exposed the most to harsh environment conditions – Hot days that make our skin sweat and make it easier for pollutants and dirt to stick to it. Cold days where the air around us gets so dry, that our skin’s natural moisture vanishes away. Urban pollution and smoke that invade the skin’s pores and clog it.

These conditions are just a fraction of the challenges our skin deals with every day. There are also implications of our diet regime, what we eat, or what we don’t but we should have…

So we got the idea – The skin is regularly under stress of some sort, whether externally or internally. But the good news is that with easy to follow, everyday habits we can dramatically improve the resistance and health of our skin., with no excuses!

Sleeping with makeup on

Isn’t that obvious? Well, it is. But still, this is a quite common mistake women make every day. Sleeping with makeup not only stains your lovely bed sheets, but it also clogs your skin’s pores, obscuring it from the fresh air around it. After a long day of wearing makeup, it is absolutely necessary to give the skin the night time to stay clean and rejuvenate.

Not applying sunscreen

Daily use of sunscreen was proven again and again to be slowing down the signs of aging. It doesn’t come as a surprise because you already know that UV light is the primary cause of early wrinkling, right?

smiling woman with sunscreen stripes on her face
Sunscreen - Not only for the beach

Also, don’t forget to reapply if you live in sunny weather sweating will decrease the effectiveness of the cream over time.

Avoid Sugar

Who would’ve thought that a sweet tooth could get us in so much trouble? When you consume sugar, especially refined sugar, it attaches to proteins and fats in our body. This process has a name – glycation. And that isn’t enough, sugar has a particular preference for dermal (skin) proteins. The byproduct of glycation is the stiffening of connective tissue, wrinkles and sagging.
This sugar-protein link is a natural part of the aging process, but if you add the excess consumption of sugar and other poor lifestyle habits like smoking and stress, it will have a compounding effect on your skin.

So that’s it? Only 3 sins to avoid and we’re good to go? This is just a taste of daily habits that can improve your skin’s health. There are many other daily do’s and don’ts out there. But, if you only start applying these 3 tips to avoid these common mistakes, that’s an excellent start!

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