How about making skincare products by yourself?

A few words about me

Hello dear readers, as this is my first blog post, I think that the first logical thing is to Introduce myself…

My name is Phillip Senior, I’m 35 years old, a software engineer by profession and during recent years, a DIY skincare enthusiast.

How does a man (some would add a geek) wakes up one morning and decides to create a rich French Lavender lotion you may ask? Well, first of all, you’re not the only one who raised an eyebrow, and I acknowledge that this specific scenario is rather uncommon… The answer is simple – the concept of meticulously combining raw ingredients (or ideas, in the case of software engineering)  which eventually morphs into a real-world product is just fascinating! All these patterns are the same, and making skincare formulas is no different.

In my case it started with crafting software modules, continued with spending much time in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients and recipes, and culminated with the discovery of the beautiful skincare world, its fascinating ingredients and the endless ways I can create or alter a product.

It’s been more than a year that I contemplate with the idea of putting into words all these thoughts and ideas I have in mind, as well as exciting new ingredients I bumped into and particular recipes I have discovered. I finally eased my way into this blog world, first by choosing a name, a logo, a simple blog system and here I am, writing my first article!

To sum up the intro, I dedicate this blog to the readers who share the same passion with me – learning about DIY skincare formulations,  experimenting with new ingredients, and maybe the most important thing – share with one another our experiences, successes, and failures!

Why Skincare Academy?

Each time I watch my girlfriend going through her morning or evening beauty rituals, I’m amazed. All the different steps, the creams, the serums, the astringent spritzers, all part of a holy routine aiming to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. Curiously asking her questions about each step and product, I realized that each of them had a meaning and a specific function. Believe it or not, I started experimenting with these products on my skin! (Closing the door behind me of course…). I started reading the labels, trying to decipher the exaggeratedly long Latin names and intelligently crafted sales copy on the bottles.
One day I asked her, “Do you think it’s possible to make your own cosmetic stuff? you know, all these creams, oil blends and lotions?” She rolled her eyes and said, “I really don’t know… But why would you want to do that?” All of a sudden I felt something clicked in my mind. I realized that the same way we scrutinize food that goes into our body, we have to treat cosmetics which are also absorbed, although differently, to our body. You put so much attention and effort to cook your own meals, trying to avoid over-processed food, why would it be different for cosmetics you use?

I gradually understood the importance of having the knowledge of making your own skincare products.

As I made my first steps towards making my own skincare products, I realized a few additional points –

  • Particularity – Skins differ in a lot of aspects and parameters –  skin type, pH, age, sensitivities, etc. while a generic lotion at the local pharmacy could sometimes do the job, being able to create a specific product that is tailored precisely for your skin profile could be of a great benefit.
  • Price – You might not be aware of this, but all the lotions you buy consist of between 70-90% water (!) all the rest of the formula is relatively cheap ingredients, and only a teeny tiny portion is expensive active ingredients. So why pay a high price for a product you can make by yourself at home for a fraction of that cost? Making your own skincare could save you a lot of money!
  • Fun – I can promise you one thing, watching those ingredients being heated, transferred, whisked and mixed and in the end discover a beautifully scented, fluffy cream is an amazing feeling! It’s a fact, making skincare products is just fun. Let that lab geek in you burst out and join the squad :)

I think that’s enough for my first post, I have to say that this was much fun!
I’m eager to write on the next topic I have for you, so stay tuned…

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