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10 K-Beauty Steps For a Radiant Skin

You probably heard about the new trend of Korean beauty products, known as K-Beauty. What’s behind this trend? It is the unique ingredients, or something else? Let’s dig a little deeper…
In social media, beauty magazines and certainly in sales, Korean beauty has taken the lead as the new skincare superpower. Now, K-Beauty is the compass with which the whole industry looks upon.

The Steps

Korean women have a comprehensive approach regarding their cosmetics ritual. They focus primarily on care products, and less on beautifying ones. If in Europe, the classic cleanse -> tone -> moisturize, is the standard routine, in Korea the list stretches to no less than 10 steps!

Cleansing oil – First, remove makeup with cleansing oil by gently massaging the oil into the skin. Then, rinse with warm water. Not hot! Just warm…

Facial Cleanser – Next step, with a circular motion, clean the skin thoroughly with a cleansing foam to remove dirt and traces of oil.

Peel – Gently remove dead skin cells from the skin. Aim for getting deep into the pores. This step is performed once a week only.

Toner – Applying the toner on the skin gives it a calming effect and restores the natural pH of the skin.

Essence – Essence is a lightly-textured, moisturizing liquid that enhances the skin’s ability to renew its cells, which makes the skin radiant and smooth. This one is the most important in the K-Beauty routine!

Serum – A bit more viscous than the essence. Is used to give a moisturizing boost and further tightens the skin. Therefore, it also goes by the name if Booster or Ampule.

Sheet Mask – These are sheet masks that are infused with many different ingredients. Its way of delivery and application make the active ingredients better penetrate the skin. After 20-30 minutes the sheet is removed, and the remaining residue is massaged gently into the skin.

Eye Cream – Extra care is taken for the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. K-Beauty eye creams contain collagen that’s known for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Emulsion – Another moisturizing cream? Yes, yet another one. This one though has a more milky texture and is aimed to address skin various skin conditions.

Cream – The final step of the K-Beauty routine. A reach cream that nourishes the skin through the night and gives it the radiant Korean look.

This is quite a long list! This routine could take a long time, but the results are talking for themselves… As formulators, I think it’s a fascinating topic to look into. This trend is growing year after year and is here to stay. On the next post, I will detail other different aspects of the products and ingredients. Stay tuned!

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